When the Way Is an Open Window

Curious things happen to us all the time. For me, these random details have value if I can see their meaning. So I collect them like keys, sticking them into my pocket. Then one day their value is clear.

I understand their purpose.
I write a story.
I open a locked door.

That is exactly how this website happened.

Technology overwhelms me, so I needed practical help. The search took twists and turns. I rattled the handle. I knocked. I pushed.

Through peculiar circumstances, I landed on the doorstep of the Open Window School Eighth Grade Technology Class. I was a client who needed designers. Two of their students, Nicholas and Andrew, were designers who needed a client. A door swung open. We stepped through together.

My website is the result of their efforts. This time, however, that door turned out to be a window, wide open and wonderful.

  -Karen Henry Clark