On a summer day in China, I smiled as our daughter Maggie was handed to us. The day was happy until I read the adoption paperwork that stated: "Baby found forsaking on steps of leather factory." I cried as I realized she would always live with a mystery. Unreachable memories would be locked forever in her mind and her heart.

I began to imagine a history for her, something beyond the confines of that basket balanced on a step. Then one night in our yard, she looked up at the sky and said her first English word: "moon." Her joy made me believe they had always been dear friends.

What else from China continued to inspire her? I wondered how her favorite toys could also have been part of her life over there. That basket on a step became the rice basket carrying her down a river from claw to paw to wing.

The story I wrote for her, SWEET MOON BABY: AN ADOPTION TALE, turned out to be a modern fairy tale about her start in life. As luck would have it, the book has provided a way for many children to approach their own mysterious journeys. When I read the book at a school once, a little girl adopted from China happily told my husband, "I'm the REAL Sweet Moon Baby." That girl's heart held onto it as her very own story. No review has ever been better.